Queen of hearts- work in progress. I decided to give it another go with the decj of hearts and it goes pretty well. This is the first of a total of 18 illustrations.
4/6/2021 53
This piece is the first of many. The first of 18 pieces of playing cards. Behold the progress of the queen of hearts. All of them will be abailable for sale for founding the printing for the actual decks because yes- there will be an actual deck of cards with my artwork. If you want to support just check with me.
4/5/2021 42
Oda Nobunaga- first of Japan unifiers and a brutal and brilliant leader. I chise to show this darker part beacuse, um, I like it, is true and because humanity changed faster under the rule of oppresive leader. I don’t like it but historically is pretty much true. Have a wonderful one there.
3/28/2021 62
Ending the week with this piece and with my weapons of choice. Sharp nibs and dark ink are just fit for a japanese warrior of old- especially when he was known as the ruler of the sixth heaven. I let you dig about the meaning of that. Be the best there.
3/26/2021 40
3/25/2021 21
Who said match is not for painting? Working with organic colors is always spectacular. Thanks @handsomemonkcoffeehouse for providing the juice.
3/19/2021 45
@kuretakejapan and @archespapers meet. This is a commissioned piece about the eternal dance of the sun and the moon. I just started to build the details and working with a nib on such a hard paper is a challenge and takes a lot of patience and discipline- but it pays off. The granulation of the paper dampens the loudness of the sharp nib in a very nice way. Almost like the moons shines in the light of the sun.
3/13/2021 73
Have some ideas? I have some paper fit for kings and queens. @archespapers -or should I say pretty monsters. I have two of these babies and I will abuse them. Thanks @profiart_romania for helping me have the best art supplies.
3/9/2021 18
This is actually “The traveling moons”. I don’t know the people who own the piece but i hope it will inspire them for many years.
3/7/2021 47
This is about addictions- the ones that drive us to become less human and turn into mechanical beings. This piece was about to be trashed but thanks to @adelinaoane it turned into something pretty good looking. Thanks so much for that. Also- besides ink I worked with espresso from @handsomemonkcoffeehouse.
3/5/2021 56
Vices- the driving monsters for some of us, the hidden deamons for the others, all in the deepest waters of our mind and in the darkest forests of our heart.
3/3/2021 34
Another Giant to the Primal. In many cultures and religions the supernatural beings who shaped the world have no clear shape. These monstrous beings regarded both gods and humans as puny.
3/2/2021 47
When the universe was young everything was shifting its shape. The giants who built our tiny planet are not the welcoming human shaped like us. They are the violent expression of the elements in action.
2/28/2021 29
I think I will do more stuff like this in the future. I love space and science and i try to understand that kind of stuff. This is another version of traveling moons and is already taken away by my good friend @oprearocks.
2/25/2021 34
A sky made of ice and cracked moon.
2/24/2021 48
End of the week and done it. Gaia is the expression of motherhood of all things, from atom to universe. Careless and merciless, overwhelming but present in the tiny heart of everything. This piece is available for sale- original or prints.
2/19/2021 56
The ancient mother of all that exists has no love, hate, merci or care about her offsprings because she knows her glory finds seed in the cycles of life and death. A religious individual would call it many names but this would only serve to create an idea that barely scratches the surface its meaning.
2/18/2021 31
I didn’t really got the chance to brag about this thing and now it’s time for it. Now I can get my art for a to b with style and class thanks to @boohoohoodesign. Awesome masters of leather crafting and awesome people.
2/17/2021 24
New work in progress- Gaia.
2/16/2021 42
Well, just had a bit of fun here with the much loved valentines day and a renowned little guy who spreads risky ideas in society. The song is over.
2/14/2021 41
2/10/2021 24
Making of Dragobete. The Romanian deity equivalent to Cupidon or Eros is a wierd mix of savage rituals and Greek mythology in an archaic shape putting together elements of sexual instinct, love, death, sacrifice and violence. This makes it a pretty vibrant entity to depict.
2/9/2021 31
2/8/2021 77
The Terror Infamy
2/5/2021 33
The Terror- evolving
2/3/2021 41
The Terror Infamy- WIP. @theterroramc
2/2/2021 30
Bit more details and tweaks and this piece will be done.
1/28/2021 67
1/27/2021 79
Long legs and fire.
1/26/2021 41
Monsters are beautiful- I am a monster, therefore I am beautiful. Well, I can’t keep a straight face when I say that.
1/22/2021 39